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After spending the last 11 years working inside the world’s largest and most successful structured business networking organization, Charlene noticed that there was a gap that needed bridging: People new to networking needed simple tools to successfully navigate a networking environment. Having seen so many businesses fail due to lack of sound networking fundamentals, Charlene was forced to examine preexisting constructs and decide how to effectively utilize her knowledge and experience to bridge the gap. Throughout her years in the networking arena, she learned that many people lacked the access to “Structured Networking 101” — the basic skills needed to make real, profitable connections in any industry. 

Dancing the Two-Step to Growing Your Business makes entering the world of structured networking easy by streamlining the “to-dos” and keeping the philosophy simple, without the fancy words or industry jargon that plague so many other networking books.

Dancing the Two-Step to Growing Your Business

A practical guide to transforming how you do business through professional networking.

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